Pixel Mine nFringe

The solution for UnrealScript development

nFringe fully integrates Epic Games®' UnrealScript™ game scripting language into Visual Studio®, allowing developers to use a single environment for both scripting and core development. Tunnel Vision Labs grew from this project as we asked ourselves one simple question: how can we provide productive environments to a wider audience of developers who we can see desperately need them?

Development Time: 5 Years Iterative Collaboration

Release Notes

Visual Studio Integration

nFringe is fully integrated into Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005, 2008, and 2010. Where Visual Studio features have changed over time, individual nFringe features are modified to follow user interface guidelines in each version.

UnrealScript Editor

The code editor in nFringe was designed from the beginning to match the behavior Visual Studio users are familiar with, even down to minute details like the location of the caret where brace matching occurs.

The code completion features of nFringe are extremely fast and semantically accurate, but we didn't stop here. Our goal is not to present the developer with a list of valid options, but to accurately predict the the developer's intent in as few keystrokes as possible. Recent advances in our code completion algorithms provided Tunnel Vision Labs with many opportunities to test expansions of these concepts. As a result, our newest IDEs are best described as fluid — a combination of performance and an intuitive interface previously believed impossible.

Unique Features

nFringe supports several useful Visual Studio features which were ignored by even its built-in languages. The most notable of these is the Call Graph window in Visual Studio 2008 (renamed to the Call Hierarchy window in Visual Studio 2010). Also included are subtle features such as automatic detection of errors in documentation comments.

Source-Level Debugger

The high-speed source level UnrealScript debugger is a key asset to game development studios. Performance and scalability are key requirements when working with large projects. Debugging support for a new language poses many challenges, causing several projects from other companies to provide script debugging to fail, plaqued with performance and stability problems. Through a combination of work on the Visual Studio integration and in the internal Unreal Engine™ 3 debugging support, the nFringe debugger is responsive, stable, and provides unexpected features including on-the-fly modification of variables and support for Visual Studio's Memory windows.

Project System

Like most other languages supported by Visual Studio, the nFringe project system is based on MSBuild. We addressed performance concerns for projects containing several thousand files by modifying the internal project system while leaving the user interface unchanged. The resulting product responds nearly instantly in these large projects, vastly exceeding the performance of even the project systems that ship with Visual Studio itself.

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

  • Pixel Mine Games and nFringe are trademarks of Pixel Mine, Inc.
  • Microsoft and Visual Studio are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
  • Epic Games, Unreal Engine, and UnrealScript are trademarks or registered trademarks of Epic Games, Inc.

Release Notes

v1.2.23 Released 6/21/12

The nFringe 1.2 release includes several new features and many bug fixes. For more information, visit Pixel Mine Games' nFringe product page. Highlights include:

  • Full support for Visual Studio 2010
  • Incremental build support
  • Major improvements to IntelliSense speed and accuracy
  • Major improvements to project system performance in very large projects