Research Drives Our Work

As owner and lead developer of Tunnel Vision Labs, my research informs everything that we do. My advanced approach to IDE development is founded in years of study and proven experience.

Sam Harwell

Owner and Lead Developer

Photo of Sam Harwell

Currently researching for a Ph.D. in Software Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin.

Visit my personal research blog View my work on GitHub Software Testing Group at UT Austin

Research Areas

  • Productive Development Environments

    My work in developing extremely productive and efficient integrated development environments defines the majority of the way we work. Below are my thoughts on several areas related to IDEs as outlined on my blog. Over time, improvements to our parsing algorithms and IDE framework have improved upon the information presented here, but these concepts were certainly milestones on our path to success.

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  • Parsing Theory

    I've been working with Dr. Terence Parr on developing ANTLR 4, the first full-context LL(*) parser generator which supports left recursion and performs well enough to use in applications beyond research. My particular emphasis has been on performance, measured in execution times, memory usage, and concurrency. Following the official ANTLR 4 release, I plan to provide ANTLR 4 runtime libraries for C#, C++, and Go, as well as a highly optimized version of the Java runtime.

    I plan to submit multiple papers related to this work for publication starting in 2013.

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  • Highly Concurrent Databases

    This concept developed from a pair of term projects. We proposed a combination of a database runtime environment and specific development practices which provide the security application developers demand while vastly exceeding the performance of current database models. We are currently examining the potential application of these databases in concurrent and distributed computing environments.

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